Wondering what’s possible after the losses that come with a shifting faith? Missing God after a faith deconstruction and longing for ways to engage spiritually again? Tired of being angry at the church and ready for something new? Wanting to develop some fresh spiritual practices? Longing to use your gifts to and passions to create more love, justice, and beauty in the world? Hoping for a safe space to share with other kindred spirits who are trying to find their way in the spiritual wilderness, too?

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    Join Kathy Escobar, author of Faith Shift: Finding Your Way Forward When Everything You Believe is Coming Apart, and other church burnouts, spiritual refugees, and freedom seekers, for a new 6-week online course hosted by The Work of the People. This online class is for men and women of all ages and experiences who know the pain and loss of a faith deconstruction but are beginning to be open to new possibilities on the other side of it.


    * A facilitated and interactive online class experience that allows for group members to share freely and safely. * Videos and reflection questions by Kathy Escobar to launch discussion and engagement with the material each week. * Ability to engage around your own schedule at any time, based on any time zone or availability. * Practices, resources, exercises, and links to other Work of the People videos.

Course curriculum

  • 1

    WEEK ONE: Honoring Our Losses

    • Welcome and A Few Things to Consider

    • Introductions

    • WEEK ONE: Honoring Our Losses Video

    • Honoring Our Losses Reflection on Video

    • Losing Beliefs, Structures, Relationships, Identity

    • Soul Care & Check In

  • 2

    WEEK TWO: Discover What Remains

    • Discover What Remains

    • Discover What Remains Reflections on Video

    • A Little Goes a Long Way

    • Week Two Soul Care & Check In

  • 3

    WEEK THREE: Celebrate What Was

    • Celebrate What Was Video

    • Celebrate What Was Reflection on Video

    • Embracing Paradox

    • A Time To....

    • Soul Care & Check In

  • 4

    WEEK FOUR: Find What Works

  • 5

    WEEK FIVE: Explore Possibilities

    • Explore Possibilities Video

    • Explore Possibilities Reflection on Video

    • Love, Beauty, Justice.

    • Soul Care & Check In

  • 6

    WEEK SIX: Trust the Path

    • Trust the Path Video

    • Trust the Path Reflection on Video

    • Enjoying the Ride

    • A Shifter's Prayer

    • Final Course Reflections and Next Steps

Course Price

* If can't afford the course, let us know, we don't want the cost of the course to keep you from the space and journey. Also, proceeds go to The Refuge, Broomfield, CO. So that's pretty cool.

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The class starts June 18th 2018


  • Is the "sign in" info the same as my TWOTP account?

    No, this is a new account with the e-course platform Thinkific, so you'll need to sign up and in with new account info. NOTE: In the near future, the Thinkific e-courses will be integrated into the TWOTP site, so at the point, you will sign in directly to TWOTP to access e-courses.

  • What if I lose my faith and/or hate the course or teacher?

    You can get your money back, just email us at info@theworkofthepeople.com.

  • What if we don't think you are the devil for charging money for the course, but just aren't in a position to pay a portion or even the entire cost or the course?

    Just email us at info@theworkofthepeople.com and we'll figure something out. We aren't trying to be "successful" we are just trying to grow - as in nurture Life and co-create with God :)

Kathy Escobar

More on the Author, Pastor, and Teacher

Kathy Escobar co-pastors at The Refuge, a Christian community and mission center in North Denver and is the author of Faith Shift: Finding Your Way Forward When Everything You Believe is Coming Apart, Down We Go: Living into the Wild Ways of Jesus and several other books. A trained spiritual director, speaker, writer, group facilitator, and advocate, her passion is for those on the margins of life and faith and creating brave, safe spaces for healing and transformation in community. A Pepperdine University graduate, she has a Master’s in Management with an emphasis in Organizational Development from JFK University and a Certificate in Spiritual Direction from Denver Seminary. She blogs regularly as well as writing for Patheos Progressive Christian Channel and Sheloves Magazine, and creating content for The Work of the People.

The Refuge

A Percentage of the course proceeds benefit The Refuge Community

A percentage of the course proceeds will go to the Refuge, a Christian community and mission center planted in Broomfield, Colorado in 2006, so that's pretty cool.